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Ideas For a Delectable Candy Buffet

Are you planning a party soon, and searching for ideas for the perfect snack setup? Has the thought of serving sweet treats caught your fancy? Why not display a candy buffet at your next soiree? From baby Image result for candy buffet makes an excellent dessert optionshowers and graduations, to engagement parties or a dessert table at a wedding reception. Getting ideas as to what candies are for your party is not anymore a problem, you can look through online candy stores like the http://www.sweetservices.com/ without going out to find them.

Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas

If you are planning a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, a candy buffet is a wonderful addition to the fun! No doubt you will have plenty of games and activities for you and your guests to enjoy in preparation for the coming of baby, and these will make everyone quite hungry! If you know what gender the coming bundle of joy is, you can set up quite the eye-catching candy buffet.

For a baby shower honoring a little girl, take a table (a round one works perfectly, if you don’t want to have a set up that’s too large) and lay down a tablecloth. This table cloth can be plain pink, or decorated with a design that matches the theme of your shower. You can decorate the table with confetti, or other baby shower party decorations, such as small plastic diaper pins or paper pacifier cut-outs. In plastic cups and bowls, serve different types of candy of your choice. Some great options are pink varieties of rock candy, gum balls, peeps, taffy, and special candies that are specifically made for baby showers. Set it all up in such a way that thrills your guests, and has their mouths watering. For a boy, simply switch the colors around from pink to blue.

Engagement Party/Wedding Reception Candy Buffet Ideas

For an engagement party or wedding reception, a candy buffet makes an excellent dessert option. You’ll want to keep your set up a little more polished and grown up than the set up you’d use at a baby shower. An excellent idea for the couple getting married is to order personalized candy, such as m-n-m’s that feature the wedding date printed on each candy piece. Also, apart from your bowls and cups filled with delicious sweet treats, you could take small paper “mystery” boxes and fill them with varieties of chocolate, such as Hershey Kisses. Your guests can not only fill their plate with lots of yummy candy varieties, but they can choose a chocolate box and delight you with their look of pleasant surprise when they find what’s inside!

No matter what type of party you are throwing, a candy buffet is the perfect addition to the fun! Your guests will love the sweet treats you choose to serve. Enjoy!